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How to avoid getting sick during cold and flu season

How to avoid getting sick during cold and flu season

There are number of occupational hazards about doing what we do for a living. Every day we are invited into other people’s homes to do their hair and help them look fabulous. This however, puts us in a situation that we can be exposed to a lot of airbourne viruses that can make us ill – including catching a cold or getting the flu. Not to mention that we work with chemicals and sprays that give our immune systems a regular beating.

Over the past five years of running Sally Scissorhands, I’ve learned a few tricks and strategies that have helped me get through the many cold and flu seasons. This doesn’t mean that I’ve never gotten ill, but I’m sure that I get sick a lot less than most other people – especially considering how often I’m exposed to these hazards.  In fact, I’ve only ever had to take two sick days since starting my business.

I thought that I’d share a few of these tips and strategies that until now, I’ve only shared with the associates that I train to be a part of Sally Scissorhands and Sally Thomas Bridal Hair.

These tips may seem basic, but doing the basics can easily fall off your schedule when you get busy and the next thing you know…. you get ill.  So here we go

  1. Healthy lifestyle – exercise, sleep and SCHEDULED rest time
  2. Drink Water – Take your own flask along with you to each appointment
  3. Supplements – during cold and flu season or an extra boost
  4. Mask – to protect YOU and protect your client (keep a supply in your kit)
  5. Cancellation policy – CLIENT – reschedule no charge, YOU – with options to attend and wear mask, send an associate, reschedule [LINK to STH Cancellation Policy Page]

This may seem like a small thing, but whatever money is made by doing the appointment is lost when you have to cancel appointments (typically a whole days worth of business) because of being sick PLUS the impact to the people you serve (incovienience, your repuataiton and putting them at risk or being the cause of them getting ill)

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