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Clip in extensions are a fabulous way of creating length and volume to hair with out a hefty price tag and they make an instant statement. Most celebrites have some form of added hair leaving us normal people with hair envy but the truth is alot of celebrites dont have great hair due to the amount of heat and products their hair endures every day.

When blended properlly by your hairdresser extensions can look as natural as every strand of hair on your head and when using real hair it can bywashed, blowdried, curled and coloured just as you would your own hair.

Clip in extensions also give you the freedom to take them out at the end of the night and reuse them as you wish as appose to bonded extensions that take hours to put in and remove and only last a few months and are very expensive.

I always recommend buying clip in hair extensions from a retailer who can match your colour up instantly rather than online where you dont know what you are getting until you have paid for it and may have the hassle of returning it and reordering before you get the perfect match.

31-01-15 | 0 comments | in Top Beauty Tips

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