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Deposits and payments

As we get booked up for dates in advance we require a £50 deposit upfront to secure the date. The payment for the trial must be paid on the trial appointment and final payment must be paid 7 days before the wedding.


There may be a travel charge to cover our expenses of getting to you from the stylists postcode. Contact us with the wedding location postcode for a price (this may be free of charge depending distance)


We recommend a trial 3-4 months before the wedding date, but can be tailored to suit your timescale. It will consist of an hour and a half to 2 hour appointment that will take place at a location that is convenient for you and your bridal party (this includes the stylists house if it is more suited to your needs) I require 3 lots of photos before the trial so i can create a portfolio ready to make amazing hairstyles for your trial. Tiaras, veils and hair accessories can also be brought to the trial if they have already been purchased and if not we can advise on what would be best suited to the hairstyle.

On the day

The timings for the day will be worked out at the trial. I ask everyone to wash their hair the night before to avoid it been to soft to style unless their are having a blowdry on the day.

Q. Should I put products in my hair?
A. It is best to leave your hair wthout product and let your stylist apply what is needed.

Q. How shall I prepare my hair?
A. Leave your hair to dry naturally or blow-dry if you prefer. Try not to use straighteners or tongs on it. Styles will last much better when hair is started from natural form.

Q. Do I have my hair or make-up done first?
A. There is no set order, but it’s recommended having the foundation done before styling the front of the hair, as once the hair is set and sprayed you won’t want to get foundation on it.

Q. How long does the hair take?
A. Depending on style, allow one hour for brides and 30-45 minutes per bridesmaid. Always allow extra time though, as it’s better to be sitting around than rushing and panicking!

Q. What order should people have their hair done in?
A. There is no specific order, but it’s suggested that the bride has her hair done somewhere in the middle. If she goes first she will be waiting around getting anxious and the style might drop, if she goes last there might be some rushing around.

Q. How long will you stay on the day?
A. On the wedding day we stay with our bridal parties until they are walking out of the door. We aim to finish all hair an hour before and then give that last spritz of hairspray, add veils or accessories once the dresses are on. We can also help lace up dresses if neccesary.


What to wear:

On the morning of a wedding, the bridal party should all wear a top that will easily come off without messing up the hair style (either a zipped or buttoned up top or something with a very wide neckline).

Where to sit:

Make sure the bride is sat in front of a mirror within reach of a socket for heated appliances (straighteners, tongs, heated rollers, etc.) and a table or high surface to store grips, hairspray, combs, etc.

How to wash the hair after:

Instead of wetting your hair first and then shampooing, put shampoo in your hands and pat onto your dry hair. This will help to break down the products on your hair. Then wash, shampoo and condition as normal.

What you (the client) have to provide:

When working in a client’s home or venue, the hair stylist will require a chair, a mirror and a socket. The client also needs to provide any accessories to be worn at the event (though your stylist will also carry a selection of accessories to provide ideas).

What your hair stylist will provide:

All electrical equipment (straighteners, tongs, wands, heated rollers, hairdryer, extension lead), grips, pins, hair doughnuts, padding, hair nets and hair products (hairspray, mousse, heat protector, serum, wax, shine spray).

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